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June 09

Top 10 Sports Car Tyres to Buy in Dubai UAE 2022


Sports car tyres in Dubai are ready for anything but snow. They'll improve steering sensitivity, reduce braking distances, and make operation quieter. They'll keep you from hydroplaning and skidding in the rain. All-season sports tyres are limited in focusing on high performance in hot weather because they must accommodate all weather conditions. As a result, Dubai sports car tyres will give you a better driving experience. Dubai is one of the world's most well-known tourist destinations. Dubai is also famous for its sports and racing. The affluent lifestyle in Dubai has increased the demand for luxury and sports cars. You'll need quality and long-lasting sports car tyres for poor weather in Dubai. The weather is usually hot, and typical tyre manufacturers cannot survive these conditions. You'll need a reliable tyre brand for a better driving experience in Dubai. We have everything you need for your sports car. The majority of brands only provide a restricted amount of goods for Dubai roadways. We compiled a list of best sports car tyres in Dubai:

MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 S

Fall in love with your car's untapped potential with the best sports car tyres in Dubai. Their Dynamic Response Technology constantly reacts to the road for ultra-precise steering, superior cornering force, and surprisingly long tread life for a summer tyre. The MICHELINPilot Sport 4 S is specially developed for road and track use, with Multi-Compound Construction to give unsurpassed dry and wet grip exactly where you need it. Ultra-responsive tread patterns boost road grip, providing a thrilling ride with precise control and road-holding. Even at high speeds, MICHELIN Dynamic Response Technology offers a high level of sensitivity, allowing for precision steering and directional stability when cornering.

SP Sport Maxx's

The SP Sport Maxx's outstanding performance is due to Dunlop Touch Technology. The pressure is distributed evenly across the tyre, allowing more rubber to contact the road. The change from straight to curve is seamless, allowing you more time to feel the road and respond as needed. The rubber compound, tested on the racing track, provides increased traction on dry and rainy roads. Braking times are reduced, and acceleration becomes more responsive. The long-lasting ingredient provides increased mileage. A stable center rib construction allows for smooth and precise driving at high speeds. The tyre pattern reduces noise for a more comfortable and quiet ride. The SP Sports Maxx works well in damp weather and considers the best sports car tyres in Dubai. On wet roads, special tread sections swiftly evacuate water from beneath the tyre footprint, lowering the risk of aquaplaning.

Potenza S007A RFT

Increase the power of your sports car with the Potenza S007A RFT. These sports car tyres in Dubai will improve your braking in wet weather by increasing the tyre's contact pressure with the road. It is suitable for an exciting ride, and the tread pattern provides increased stability and control when cornering while delivering an exceptional response. It decreased rolling resistance and increased fuel efficiency. It is broad outside shoulders and has an asymmetric tread design. It improved dry grip and steering response. It was created to meet the strict standards of a vehicle manufacturer. A wide circumferential groove tread pattern provides excellent wet traction and hydroplaning resistance.


P ZERO (PZ4) is a one-of-a-kind Ultra-High-Performance product that combines Pirelli's competitive Motorsport experience with its collaboration with the world's leading car manufacturers, ensuring the optimal match for each vehicle's performance. P ZERO (PZ4) is a range designed for sports car tyres in Dubai and has collaborated with the most prominent OEMs that can accommodate any size, technology, or seasonality requirements. P ZERO (PZ4) has been chosen as original equipment for the most performance-oriented and powerful vehicles on the market, marking a watershed moment in the Pirelli range's evolution. Its asymmetric tread pattern helps to handle and control while improving braking performance. Excellent in rainy circumstances, with increased safety in the event of aquaplaning. Its innovative nano-composite material provides excellent grip and stability. The tyre's structural integrity enhances steering response, critical in sports dry and tread wear uniformity. The tread region features distinctive "s-shaped" grooves that reduce cabin noise and improve driver comfort. Extreme Contact Sport The Extreme Contact Sport is a high-performance sports car tyres in Dubai designed for passenger cars. This tyre has Sport Plus Technology, which delivers quick-handling, improved grip on wet roads, and longer tread life. Professional racecar drivers developed it. It improves tread life while providing precise steering for maximum control and grip in wet conditions. It enhanced acceleration and braking performance due to increased surface contact with the road. It also has excellent visual indicators for optimum performance and remarkable dry handling traction and stability that instill complete confidence. The Extreme Contact sports car tyres in Dubai has been tested by championship-winning racecar drivers and will satisfy even the most demanding driver. This high-performance street tyre is designed for automobile enthusiasts and intended for extraordinary grip in dry and rainy situations. Sport Plus Technology ensures precision handling, traction on wet, slick roads, and long tread life.

MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport

MICHELIN Pilot Super sports car tyres in Dubai is designed for premium sports vehicle manufacturers and delivers thrilling dry handling and wet grip. This MICHELIN summer sports tyre offers excellent performance. They are designed for luxury automobile makers. It has outstanding wet grip and control in bends and straight road acceleration. For luxury automobile manufacturers like Porsche, Ferrari, Tesla, and Mercedes, the MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport tyre is developed for road and track use. This high-performance super sports car tyre has a racing vehicle background and delivers spectacular performance for dedicated drivers. Choose MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport, which is designed for thrilling dry-road performance. On weekend escapades and track driving, corner with confidence and experience steering precision for control. The Variable Contact Patch 2.0 technology maximizes road contact, while a high-density fiber provides cheval protection. The Twaron Belt grabs the tread's center to disperse forces and improve stability.

Eagle F1 Directional 5

The performance of a sports car is only as excellent as its tyres. The Eagle F1 Directional 5 features SportGrip Technology for precision handling and responsive grip outperforming the award-winning and famous Eagle F1 GSD-3. With the Eagle F1 Directional 5, you can stand out from the crowd with maximum performance without sacrificing flair. Sport Grip Technology combines solid center and shoulder ribs with an advanced racing compound for exceptional grip and handling. The closed shoulder tread design encourages improved wear patterns over time for a quieter ride. Improved cavity shape provides a squarer footprint and more uniform pressure distribution for improved road contact, grip, and wear patterns. It gives your sports car excellent grip and handling, as well as enhanced wear patterns that lower overall noise emissions for a quieter ride. They are beneficial for improving road contact, grip, and wear patterns.

Dunlop Sport BluResponse

The Sport BluResponse

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