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About Us has been doing business for over numerous years and we have constructed associations with the entirety of the top tire and wheel producers. We invest heavily in offering the least costs on the web, the most decisions and the best client support in the business. The buy and versatile establishment administrations of vehicle tires have never been as simple and effective with the two administrations being coordinated under a similar rooftop. Our group at Tire Store UAE expects to make the whole interaction as smooth as a very much oiled motor. With a group of productive organizers and astounding organization made over numerous years, Tire Store UAE makes it simple for you to pick your vehicle tire contingent upon the make, model and different details of your vehicle. Tire Store UAE permits you to pick your favored decision of vehicle tire brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, Pirelli, Continental, Hankook, and so on as per your financial plan and necessities. Not just this, Tire Store UAE additionally permits you to associate with your preferred closest vehicle tire installer and conveys your vehicle tires to them inside the predetermined time and date, wherein which you can take your vehicle to them and get it introduced by the specialists. Read More


How tyrestore works?

Get Online Car Alloy Wheel Services in UAE

Natural wear and tear, scrapes, and even accidents can cause the alloys on wheels. The generally severe weather in Dubai also contributes to rim deterioration. In such instances, an alloy wheel refurbishing service is ideal because it is cost-effective and returns the alloy rims to their original state. Minor scratches, cracks, and dents in alloy wheels are frequently overlooked. These seemingly insignificant visual blemishes are the source of more severe damage. The inner of the metal becomes exposed and subject to erosion when the outside is chipped away. Even a minor crack might compromise the entire metal coating. Car owners are frequently aware of their worn-out alloy rims. Alloy rims are light, strong, and complement the appearance of your vehicle. However, long-term driving, potholes, low-quality tyres, inexperienced drivers, and rust can degrade your alloy wheels quickly. In a desert climate like Dubai, alloy rims require frequent maintenance and refurbishing if they become damaged or worn out. With alloy wheel restoration, you can restore worn-out alloy rims to their original functional and cosmetic state. Tyre store AE has professional specialists and top service locations across the UAE where you can get your alloy wheels repaired at the most affordable pricing.

Why consider Alloy Wheel

Compared to steel wheels, alloy wheels are better at braking, lighter weight, and more fuel-efficient. However, for longer usable life, it will require repair and maintenance. Tyre Store AE provides professional solutions for a wide range of alloy wheel repairs. has an extensive network of qualified mobile mechanics ready to assist you whenever convenient for you. Our entire service is tailored to give you optimum convenience while maintaining the highest quality.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of repair is determined by the number of wheels, their state of decay, and the service provider. According to their sizes and the brand of your car, rims that require more intensive repairs may cost more. Refurbishing a damaged alloy wheel is a better alternative than replacing it. Expert technicians can even fix significant problems like hairline cracks. Please contact us for an estimate on the cost and duration of the repairs. A top-tier repair service is diamond-cut alloy wheel refurbishment. It delivers precise alloy wheel solutions. It entails the skilled removal of the exterior coating on the wheel using lathing tools.

How to Keep Diagnose Alloy Wheel?

Keeping an eye on the air pressure in your tyres is one technique to diagnose a cracked alloy wheel. Your wheel may be damaged if it drops while driving. A cracked alloy wheel is a serious issue that requires prompt attention. The crack impairs your driving experience and may permanently ruin the structure of your wheel. Above all, it puts the passengers of the car in peril. Rim damage, particularly cracks, can occur without notice. Potholes, speed bumps, improper leveling, and other road conditions are well-known contributors. Cars maintain a consistent rolling height. It can be computed by summing the wheel and tyre heights. As alloys get bigger, their sidewalls lower, making them more vulnerable to breakage. It occurs because the tyre acts as a shock absorbent wall, protecting the alloys. Lower sidewalls provide less protection, and the unabated shocks eventually wear the wheels down. While alloy wheel damage is inevitable, there is no need to be concerned. For aesthetic, safety, and performance reasons, repair services are meant to return the wheel to its best appearance and functional condition. Welding is one first approach to the problem. The wheel is generally ground around the cracks to remove any foreign material other than the alloys from the weld.


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Great service from these guys. Good price and nice facility. Will definitely return.

Recently I changed my Maxima tires. It was a very good service. Thanks to Ibrahim who provided me with perfect support and advice.

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